Healthcare Automation

Healthcare and insurance domains are extremely complex, fast-paced and constantly advancing. That is why they involve, unlike many others, effective management techniques and robust software solutions to solve a wide variety of automation and data processing challenges.

automation and data processing


  • Claims Processing
  • Information Exchange
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Staffing and Resources Management
  • Managing Costs
  • Patient Engagement
  • Clinical Data Analytics
  • Communication and Collaboration

automation platform

Spritecs transformative automation platform serves as a powerful engine to help healthcare providers and insurance carriers to improve their business processes enterprise-wide through impactful document and workflow automation.

Full-featured modules, thoughtful system architecture and high customization level are core components to create software solution best tailored to your business needs.

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Secure data exchange
  • Personal data protection
  • Integration with secretarial service
  • Scheduling
  • Online Registration
  • Appointments reminders
  • Patient demographics
  • Patient history management
  • Patient portal
  • Medical staff management
  • Planning
  • Human resources management
  • Time-off management
  • Requests management
  • Clinical tasks management
  • Quality management and audit
  • Files management
  • Documents online preview
  • Documents online editing
  • Files versioning
  • Collaborative work on files
  • Digital signature
  • Files sharing
  • Clients area
  • Workflow management
  • Dynamic forms
  • Invoicing and Accounting
  • Various analytical tools
  • Contacts management
  • Internal messaging
  • Flexible notifications settings
  • Online chat, group chat
  • Embedded VoIP tools
Solutions we develop
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Practice Management (PM)
  • Medical Appointment Scheduling
  • Content and Document Management
  • CRM and ERP
  • Case and Claims Management
Expertise Center
focused on
Empowering your business with secure, productive solutions.

Healthcare automation solution for the center of medical expertise is based on Spritecs’ automation platform designed to manage various business processes. It dramatically eases data flow and request processing routine for clinics and expert centers, featuring transparent interface and customizable dashboards.

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ActaMed SA
Expertise Center

By simplifying their business processes, healthcare providers improve patient care, while insurance carriers offer better customer service.



We are experienced in software development for domains known for their high-demanding specifics: healthcare, insurance, medical expertise, etc. That is why we are strongly convinced that focusing on customer’s particular needs while being aware of his business domain patterns is the ticket to a winning product.

  • Clinic and Hospitals
  • Expertise Centers
  • Physicians
  • Medical Experts and Advisors
  • Transcriptionists
  • Insurance companies
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