Documents Online Editor

The product we have elaborated will help you create text documents, edit them and share with your colleagues for coediting and collaboration. It is easy now to increase your practice productivity by empowering your workflow with our Online Documents Editor tool.

Unlike sharing your documents by e-mail or as paper copies, which is inefficient, online editing allows multiple users to upload their documents and invite all the involved parties to examine critical information together, leaving directly their feedback and submit corrections.

Check out our online editor performance and features by using demo access at (demo / demo), or watch online editor demo visuals on our YouTube channel.


Online text

Provides high quality text formatting like in MS Word and ensures 100% view, conversion, print and pagination fidelity.



Edit documents together with your colleagues, use the in-built document chat or share your comments.



To achieve high performance we use the most innovative front-end development technologies and follow ECMAScript 6 standards. It’s convenient to work on huge documents using our editing tool as well.

By using developer-friendly API, it’s easy to extend functionality with custom-written extensions and adjust our editing tool to your business needs.
Version control
All the changes are automatically saved when you work. Moreover, changelog allows you see the list of earlier document versions.

We integrate the editor into the systems that are developed and supported by our team. That is why in case you decided to automate your workflow by using our platform, we'll easily customize Document Online Editor to better meet your needs.

Documents Online Editor integration is also provided in your own in-house web products.

Solid Cross-Browser Compatibility
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