Documents Management

Inefficient document management annually costs companies like yours huge money that could have been invested into business development and growth. With or without a high-tech document management system your company daily processes piles of documents. The only difference is in the quality and speed of the process.

Document management is about capture, storage and retrieval of documents, both paper and electronic. The question is how much time your employees spend daily on keeping the documents in order, looking for necessary bills or invoices, sharing documents between different departments and collaborating on important papers. Spritecs creates highly effective, functionally-rich document management solutions to help you maintain your workflow in order, reduce costs and save precious time.

It goes without saying that our document management solutions will provide you with a rock-solid document repository, unified search, effective collaboration environment, and easy access to all your files and documents from any location. But in addition to these indispensable features we are happy to provide you with some more sophisticated options:

  • Digital signature
    Signing documents and records digitally makes it very easy and quick to verify and approve documents without installing costly software. Digital signature solutions allow organizations go paperless, accelerate business processes and avoid extra costs.
  • Access control
    The same way as you lock your house and your car to protect them from unwanted intrusion, you need to protect your important data and information from unauthorized access. Our built-in access control feature makes it easy to identify and determine which access level to grant to this or that user.
  • Document lifecycle management
    Have you ever tried to trace all the changes and reviews a document undergoes in your company throughout the entire lifecycle: from the day of its creation, through approval and editing to the day it gets into the archives? You will be surprised how much easier it is to stay in control of any document with Spritecs lifecycle management solutions.
  • Version control
    When a team of people can edit and review one and the same document it is important to have an opportunity to track the history of changes, see who and when edited the document and have the previous versions of the document automatically stored.
  • Document conversion
    Have you noticed how many different applications are used by different people to view documents in different formats? For you to avoid installing superfluous software on your computers and to keep away from all the confusion resulting from this diversity we have elaborated an easy-to-use document conversion solution.
  • Workflow automation
    Efficient workflow management starts from carefully regulated procedures and properly implemented processes. But when something goes wrong it may take long hours to find the weak link. Workflow automation makes it easy to diagnose the workflow in your company, optimize it by increasing productivity and reducing errors.

Spritecs web-based document management applications allow you the freedom to optimize your document workflow and turn your office paperless. Our highly effective document management solutions require minimal efforts from you to gain control over document chaos and prevent your money from being wasted in vain.

Check out the benefits of ideal document management!