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How to attract people, unite them around your organization? How to learn what people say about your products? How to find out how to change your services to make them more convenient for people? The most obvious and most effective answer to these and many other questions every marketer or business owner should ask is communication. Communicate with your target audience, pay attention to them, show them you care and they will pay back with their dedication, repeat purchases, precise information and free advertising.

What is the most suitable place for such communication with your target audience? They may be so very different by age, by income and amount of free time, but if you have something to gather people around the best place to do that is an online community.

‘Yes!’ to marketing for non-profits

Many people consider marketing, PR and promotional activities the prerogative of profit organisations, companies producing products or services. But it is far from being true.  Just have a look into a contemporary Marketing book and you will see that marketing can and should be used by colleges, clubs, churches, politicians, and other societies to attract new members, raise money, build credible brands, promote ideas, etc.

So such terms as ‘customer retention’, ‘brand awareness’, ‘conversion rate’ and others can be used when describing your marketing strategy, whether you run an ecommerce company, a fan club, a church community or something else. In other words if you want your organisation to prosper and grow, you can not neglect the benefits internet marketing offers. And when talking about internet marketing we definitely mean its main tool – websites and communities.

Any organization that aims to involve more people and become better known can benefit by building a strong community of supporters, members or customers online. To decide what your online community should look like and which functionality should be developed take a closer look the people for whom the community is meant for.

If you know what your target audience needs and want it will be easy for you to decide what functional modules your online community should have:

  • Blogging
  • Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Media sharing
  • Reporting
  • Document management
  • File storage
  • VoIP or something specific.

Spritecs creates high-performance online communities that can be enhanced with any set of functional modules, even with those created specifically for your project by our experienced software engineers.

It’s never too late to start gathering people around your idea, product or movement. We will be happy to help you whether you need community development or simply initial consultation. To get better understanding of how an online community is organized, please have a look at our case-studies.


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