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Statistics say that more than 80% of all company internal information consists of unstructured documents, emails and other files. Nowadays more and more companies understand the true value of properly managed corporate information, internal communication and well-organized employee collaboration. It means that more and more companies enjoy the benefits that enterprise portals offer.

Enterprise Portal (Corporate Information Portal, Intranet Portal) makes up a framework for effective organization and secure sharing of information across company boundaries. In other words, it is a functionally-rich internal company site that will help you overcome content chaos and increase team performance.

Quality enterprise portals allow organizations manage employee relationship, collect corporate best practices, preserve company intellectual capital, and help organize effective employee collaboration removing traditional communication barriers. Poorly elaborated flat intranets can’t perform these functions. On the contrary, such portals promote company data overload, uncategorized storage and improper use of valuable information. Nothing to say about the companies where enterprise portals are neglected or absent at all. If properly organized and managed enterprise portals become a powerful tool to increase employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Multiple features of today’s enterprise portals provide company employees and clients with rich functionality, user friendly design and extensive customization options.

  • Content management system
  • Interactive message board
  • Integrated enterprise search
  • Document management system
  • Enterprise mailing system
  • Internal calendar
  • Event management tool
  • Employee training
  • File storage and sharing
  • Blogging

These and many other features developed by Spritecs professional team will make any enterprise portal a dynamic and living environment that will increase your employee productivity by

  • organizing and structuring scattered information what makes it much easier to navigate and find the necessary data;
  • opening up new opportunities for information sharing and editing;
  • making the portal more flexible and easy to use due to customization and personalization;
  • providing quick access to relevant information sources, news and applications;
  • saving time owing to the integrated search and information categorization.

We at Spritecs are happy to provide you with state-of-the-art enterprise portal development services for you to create an efficient environment for employee collaboration, information sharing and workflow organization.


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