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Website is the face your company turns to the online world. It is your main internet marketing tool and the way it looks, influences your business growth directly.

They say first impressions are half the battle. Indeed, visiting your corporate website clients and business partners make up their first impression of your service level, transparency and even the quality of the product you offer. If your website looks logic, alive and easily-digestible, it’s likely that the visitors will consider doing business with you is also easy and problem-free.

Today in highly competitive ecommerce environment, web design and usability advance with gigantic strides in order to discover shortest ways to the prospects. User behaviour, attention patterns, click-through rate – all these and hundreds of other criteria are deliberately studied and modeled to outline the rules for creation of ideal selling websites. However as in any other area, ideal is a vague notion.

Different types of users react differently to one and the same web content or layout. That is why before starting corporate website development we at Spritecs do our best to better understand your individual project peculiarities and the target audience: questionnaires, user behaviour analysis, and website traffic studies.  These preliminary steps help us define how your website should look to attract more visitors and facilitate their conversion into clients.

What makes a quality corporate website?

Our usability experts constantly update their knowledge and chose the tools and techniques in web development that suit your needs best. We create corporate websites that answer the expectations of contemporary users:

  • Logic navigation
  • User-centered web design
  • Rich functionality
  • Flawless performance
  • Content Management System
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

All these characteristics can be applied to websites developed by Spritecs. Years of experience and specific approach to web development allow our team to deliver feature-rich solutions for players in different industry domains.

What are the benefits you can get?

With attractive, quality websites being a rather inexpensive and easy to get tool, it seems unreasonable to deprive your company of the numerous benefits that professionally developed internet portals offer to their owners:

  • help your prospects and repeat customers find you easily in the world wide web
  • increase your competitive strength
  • showcase your best practices
  • start bi-directional communication with your target audience
  • get a powerful marketing tool that works for you seven days a week 24/7
  • create recognizable identity for your business

Your corporate website can be fine-tuned to reflect your corporate values and to meet your individual needs. We’ll be happy to help you outline the best solution for your company and turn it into reality.

Every day the number of people who do business online and for whom internet is the primary source of information increases exponentially. So whether you are a small family-run business or a large-scale holding, quality corporate website is a powerful tool in the competitive struggle that you should not neglect.


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