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Nowadays it goes without saying that corporate website is a must-have for every company on the market. Website is the face your company turns to the online world. It is your main internet marketing tool and the way it looks, has direct impact on your business growth.
designed with a sense of style
look amazing on any device
navigate it easy, quickly and elegantly
powered by cutting-edge CMS
running well with high availability
Web Content Management


The vast majority of Spritecs solutions are powered by Content Management Engine which is an in-house development tool for faster and simpler elaboration of products fine-tuned to the individual needs of the customer.

It allows to build any web product, either a simple website or a complex web application.
We use newest PHP features to take advantage of the innovations and improve performance of our system.
It’s easy to seamplessly extend our engine according to your individual business needs.
Management interfaces are intuitive and self- explanatory. Customizing your website's content has never been easier.
Core Features and Benefits
Multisite Management
Reduce hosting infrastructure and costs, managing multiple websites efficiently from a single place, while easily sharing content across sites.
Multilingual Support
Manage translations and all language versions of pages, content items and digital assets from a single control unit.
Secure Deployment
Focus on your business while we provide a fully managed HIPAA/Data Protection compliant hosting solution for your web products.
Modules collection
Save your time by using our rapid development services. Our helpful tools and a vast collection of modules allow to proceed with development reactively.

Featured modules can be seamlessly integrated into your existing or added into brand new web product.

  • Calendar
  • Patient Registration
  • Online appointments booking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient Portal
  • Secure communication tools
  • Online phone calls
  • Surveys/Testimonials/Reviews
  • Blog/News/Forums/FAQ
  • Photo and Video Galleries
Clinique Corela
focused on
Empowering your business with secure, productive solutions.

Healthcare automation solution for Clinique Corela is based on Spritecs’ healthcare automation engine designed to manage various business processes. It dramatically eases data flow and request processing routine for clinics and expert centers, featuring transparent interface and customizable dashboards.

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Web development for healthcare providers and insurers
Clinic groups and Insurers
Medical and Expertise centers
Physicians and Medical experts
healthcare and insurance

Industry Expertise

Vast experience, deep knowledge and our portfolio of numerous developments make it possible for us to quickly elaborate competitive web products varying from hospital corporate website or individual doctor's online b-card to a clinic groups or insurance information environment management.

Our technological competency enables us to place solution value and ROI at the core of an application development project. You come to us with your business challenge – and you get the most refined, versatile and cost-effective solution to it.

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