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Thoughtful, flexible and extendable content management platform equipped with easy-to-use, Reactive and efficient management UI helps to build versatile and well-structured content for dynamic web apps and attractive websites.

Fast loading and usable interface
UI designed with style in mind
Navigate it easy, quickly and elegantly
Running well with high availability

Content management

We create custom-designed websites and applications. When it comes to choosing the management system for a product we develop, we strongly recommend our engine. It helps reduce development terms, simplifies product support and makes it possible to apply all the habitual content manager toolkit.

For business owners
Save your time by using our rapid development services and grow your business around the robust product. We provide cost-effective web development services and full ongoing support.
For content editors
Use fast, rich-functional, intuitive management interface to achieve challenging content management goals. Customizing website's content has never been easier!
For Marketers
Create awesome landing pages, nice content and build online strategy with SEO in mind. With our extendable content management platform your business creativity is limitless.

Website Builder

No need to change your content editing habits. Our content management engine gives you powerful yet easy control of all kinds of website content. Non-technical users can manage page contents with the WYSIWYG editor, manage images and videos, pages with a simple drag-and-drop user interface, etc.

Multisite Management
Reduce hosting infrastructure and costs, managing multiple websites efficiently from a single place, while easily sharing content across sites.
Multilingual Support
Manage translations and all language versions of pages, content items and digital assets from a single control unit.
Modules collection
Our helpful tools and a vast collection of modules allow to proceed with development reactively.
Featured modules can be seamlessly integrated into your existing or added into brand new web product.
  • Pages and Templates
  • Custom Forms Builder
  • Products Catalog
  • eShop with Online Payments
  • Secure communication tools
  • Calendar
  • Surveys
  • Portfolio/Testimonials/Reviews
  • Blog/News/FAQ
  • Photo and Video Galleries
focused on
Empowering your business with secure, productive solutions.
AsterOffice is a professionally developed web-based portal, with its front-end and back-end built on the principles of efficiency, integrity and security. The portal enables delivery of top quality medical secretarial and transcription services.
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