Content Management

It goes without saying that corporate website is a must-have for every company on the market. But many requirements are set for a contemporary website: it should be well-coded, dynamic, living and informative.

Continual updates, news and regularly added quality content make a website attractive for the users and display company’s user-centric approach. But meeting these simple conditions can be a difficult thing to do for a company that doesn’t have a professional programmer on board. Creating new pages or updating the existing ones can be a real problem in this case. Content management system is the most obvious answer to all these questions.

There is no ideal person in the world, and equally it is impossible to find an ideal content management system (CMS). Every company has its specific needs that are to be reflected in its CMS. Therefore the ideal CMS for you will be the one that fits your requirements and contributes to your business growth.

Spritecs creates web content management solutions (WCMS) tailored to your specific business needs, solutions that allow your company benefit from the opportunities created by cutting-edge content management:

  • Keep your visitors informed about company news and changes, discounts and special offers;
  • Attract more customers with new services;
  • Build credible brands;
  • Share valuable knowledge with your audience and create added value for them;
  • Reduce costs spent on programming and web design;
  • Save time updating your websites in a matter of seconds;
  • Bring your web content in order and get a well-organized website with transparent navigation;
  • Analyze your website performance and optimize it to better answer your customers’ expectations;
  • Streamline your business processes with standardized procedures and guidelines;
  • Move your website to higher positions in search engines.

Spritecs Content Management Engine

The vast majority of Spritecs solutions are powered by Spritecs Content Management Engine which is an in-house development tool for faster and simpler elaboration of Content Management Systems (CMS) fine-tuned to the individual needs of the customer. The engine ensures full-blown range of operations with content (adding, editing, designing, sharing, etc.) and flawless integration of functional modules into complex-content solutions by providing exceptional scalable environment. It took months of deliberate work from Spritecs software engineers to outline content management best practices and elaborate Spritecs Content Management Engine, but now the work is regularly rewarded with rapid development of content-intensive applications and websites.

A Web Content Management solution comprises a series of modules integrated into a comprehensive system to meet your specific business needs:

  • Security. Provides secure access to document repository, password protected administration area and audit trail of activity within the repository.
  • Document management. Allows users to capture, manage, and store electronic documents, and assign relevant metadata, or attributes.
  • SEO management. Makes it easy to create search engine friendly pages and assign all the metadata necessary to move your website closer to top positions in search engine results.
  • Search. Enables effective, customizable search based on a set of criteria.
  • Workflow. It’s possible to fine-tune business processes and procedures for electronic documents within the repository.
  • Web content management. Allows the company to manage web pages and web sites easily (create, modify, delete, switch on/off).
  • Branding. easy adoption on new content to corporate style and website design helps maintain brand consistency.

As you can see, right content management solution is rich in components that can be beneficial for your company. To understand which components you need, you must first understand what your company’s requirements truly are. Our analytical team is looking forward to help you define your specific needs and outline the content management solution that will help your business reach new heights.