Community Builder

Comprehensive, easily extendable social networking solution with hundreds of built-in features to create high-performant, secure online communities for all kinds of social cohorts.

easy-to-use and secure

Online Community

Smart and versatile platform enabling enterprises, organizations and social entities, big and small, to develop a dedicated online community with custom set of functional modules, friendly environment and inviting interface.

We build online communities in line with data protection law. Private data protection and members security are core fundamentals we are guided by.
Community Builder can be tailored to purpose and iterests of any private society and group united by common culture and social movements.
Our product allows to easily enhance your online community with custom set of functional modules in accordance with individual needs.
Intuitive and easy to navigate management interfaces, modern and trendy web design we offer our customers makes communities expand.
Features' high customization level and their rich functionality are mandatory components to effectively build online community best tailored to most challenging social and business needs.
Customizable Forms
Build forms to collect any information you need! Custom forms can be easily added to sign up for events or small groups; can be used as a feedback form, survey or for collecting various requests from community members.
Communication Tools
Build areas for members interaction and improve community participation! Spritecs Community Builder allows enabling comments on content items, deploy discussion boards, chats, and tools for online phone calls.
Content Resources
Deliver various content, configure access settings to published content. Our product is equipped with many built-in modules to manage effectively photos, video, events, articles, files, etc.
Enable community members to build small groups, personal networks. It allows members to find each other while controlling access to sensitive data. It makes a way for deeper and more focused communication with the relevant community members.
Create a vibrant community by encouraging associates engagement. Enable members to subscribe for community updates, to endorse each other for specific skills and expertise, to flag content items they like or they deem inappropriate.
Keep a pulse on community health and growth! Our software allows track how people like to access content, which topics are driving conversations, are most popular, most shared, and most commented, etc.


There are so many community types that have their online platforms to share their ideas and bring some value to its members, from state college to a private golf club, each with its own specifics. Spritecs has particular experience of developing online communities for the different categories of social entities.

For Business
Our product is suitable to build communities for specialists in medicine, expertise, science, etc., bringing unlimited opportunities for business partnership, shared knowledge and professional growth.
For Social
A great tool for social communities of any kind to empower and encourage people trying to achieve the same goal. Share multimedia content, get timely event notifications and create photo galleries to feel in the thick of things.
For Religious
Our community builder enables parishes to increase awareness and unite their fellows by going online. Our platform is easy to use and to manage even for non-technical people, with all necessary features for churches.

Churches Management

To work with non-profit organizations like churches and ministries, Spritecs has created its sub-brand called Exegys, promoting a dedicated church management system for full-range online parish support according to the religious activities specifics.

It's cloud-based church management software with a focus on quick deployment, increasing connection and communication between church members. It allows deploying rapidly websites for small groups as well as full-fledged portals for religious societies with unlimited number of subsidiary websites, organizing them in hierarchical network and assigning individual administrators with variable access rights. All kinds of content can be uploaded to any of the sub-sites as well as shared from the root by all system members.

To meet specific requirements of religious entities, this versatile management platform offers the following features, but not limited to:

  • Church Calendar
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • Blog and News
  • Discussions
  • Prayerwall
  • Online Giving
  • Donation Management
  • Volunteer Scheduling
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