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Well-targeted business automation platform with intuitive and easy to navigate interface specifically conceived to elaborate software solutions for the service sector businesses.

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Spritecs transformative business automation platform is a powerful engine to help service providing businesses to improve their operation processes enterprise-wide through convenient appointments scheduling, 24/7 online booking, detailed staff and clients’ management, documents and workflow automation.

Full-featured modules, thoughtful system architecture and high customization level are core components to create automation solution perfectly tailored to service industry specifics.

How our Automation Platform can help your business grow and prosper?

Have full view and control over your schedule, anytime and anywhere. It is easy to set up a new visit: the calendar is linked to your CRM module for easy access to all data of your existing customers. No more missed or lost appointments thanks to real time notifications (SMS or e-mail) sent to both customers and administrators.
Online Booking
Every website visitor is precious. Each month dozens of clients just slide by because they couldn’t reach you by phone. By getting bookable online 24/7, you dramatically increase your service availability. We also offer you mobile application for even more booking opportunities for those who live with their smartphones in hand.
It is much cheaper to keep a returning customer than to attract a new one. Our system saves your customer contact and personal data, tracks their full history and is able to determine those who stopped using your services to make a list for follow-up mailing or calling.
Staff Management
Track and manage working schedule of your team to ensure its non-stop operation! Each user can tune his own personal settings to make the most out of the system and reserve their personal time-offs. Different access levels for data security and worked hours reports for quick and easy salary calculation.
Don’t miss a single call! Integrated VoIP module brings you all the great features of digital telephony: personalized greetings and menu, callback, missed calls notification, incoming caller data display, one-click call, etc.
All you need to take the right decisions at the right time, in one place. Most important statistics and reports on your customers’ behavior, employees’ occupation rate, clients’ no-show, financial performance, demand level for specific services, etc. All statistics can be displayed globally or for the specific segment or customer, and for the period selected.
advanced solutions

For Your

Our software solutions adapt to your needs - no matter how niche, how big or small your business is and what industry you are in.

We are strongly convinced that focusing on customer’s particular needs while being aware of his business domain patterns is the ticket to a winning product we develop.

With our solutions, entrepreneurs can focus on their project profitability and team utilization to make better business decisions. Highly flexible and customizable, outstandingly easy to use, this software is a great starting point for those beginning to explore project management tools, with milestone and time tracking features, file management, calendars, mobile integration and various analytical tools.
Small Enterprises
Get a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on within your company. Our product allows you to connect with your team internally, but also to reach your external clients, creating more transparent business image and building stronger customer relationships. A well-selected kit of collaborative tools, workload view and role-based permissions make our solutions best fit for team work.
Enterprise Groups
Large corporations need a robust platform able to handle big amount of data and headline multiple customer relations. Our solution combines customer data with workflow management features to help users coordinate their sales, marketing and customer support. The main benefits are easy setup, seamless third-party solutions integration, affiliate management, call routing and recording, embracive source metrics and insightful reports.
Our platform is suitable to develop software solutions for:
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Centers
  • Expertise Centers
  • Experts and Advisors
  • Lawyers
  • Spa & Beauty Salons
  • Sport Clubs
  • Personal Trainers
  • Training Schools
  • Photographers
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Consulting Agencies
  • Auto Services
  • Carwashes
  • Rental Services
Expertise Center
focused on
Empowering your business with secure, productive solutions.

Healthcare automation solution for the center of medical expertise is based on Spritecs’ automation platform designed to manage various business processes. It dramatically eases data flow and request processing routine for clinics and expert centers, featuring transparent interface and customizable dashboards.

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