Masterfully combining our deep knowledge of open source technologies with thorough understanding of healthcare and insurance industry needs and specifics we at Spritecs create software solutions that provide doctors, medical secretaries, patients and insurance carriers with functionality customized to meet their specific needs and enhance workflow in many ways.

We provide our clients with a wide range of software development services to help them get the IT solutions they need. We pay considerable attention to requirements analysis, carry out deliberate planning and architecture design, accurately adjust the code we create, perform testing on every stage of the development process to build software solutions that will help our clients optimize their business processes, boost their profits, to enhance their customer service level, reduce costs and downtimes. We do all this to make the lives of our clients easier.

Spritecs Development Framework

Spritecs Development Framework is an end-to-end in-house software development platform used to elaborate both simple websites or applications, and huge informational resources, social networks and online communities. Turning arduous process of development of data intensive applications and sites into an effective set of well-structured phases, this tool makes a real silver bullet for Spritecs engineers. Spritecs Development Framework, being based on the best of PHP and MySQL techniques, enables Spritecs team come through creation of most complicated solutions with flying colours and provide our clients with immaculate applications and websites. The framework provides out-of-the-box programming environment that ensures hand over fist development of functionally-rich software solutions.

Profound technology and industry expertise enable Spritecs professionals to create solutions that make our clients happy and our team proud. These solutions include:

These CMS, document management and planning systems, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), corporate portals and other applications are meant to provide solutions for particular problems and they are built on the basis of detailed case analysis. Our clients won’t find any redundant functionality, neither is anything missing. Just optimal solutions for real needs and tasks.

So if you are looking for a software development company to create solutions for your business process automation and if our approach finds response in your system of values – Spritecs will be happy to become your reliable software partner.

If you need a software solution to be developed but can’t find it on our list, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to create custom-designed solutions to your specific requirements.