Great pool of generated technical solutions now enables Spritecs to deliver unique software adjusted to the specific needs of each customer. Used independently or within a multi-component structure, together with deliberate requirements analysis, smart architecture design and thorough testing, they give rise to multiple successful projects.

Optimize business processes

Boost profits

Enhance customer service level

Reduce costs and downtimes

wide range
IT solutions

Our solutions are our assets: they have already served, as they definitely will in the future, as the solid basis for a great number of our successfully accomplished projects.

We are proud to help social institutions, manufacturers, service providers and other businesses to leverage their operations while increasing their competition and maximizing their profit.

Business Management
We develop from scratch and customize various open source or commercial business management systems like CRM, ERP, etc. that masterfully integrate essential office suites and solutions used by businesses on a daily basis, tailored to the specifics of your company operations.
Social Networking
We have profound expertise to develop dedicated online communities with custom set of functional modules, friendly environment and inviting interface for enterprises, organizations and different social entities.
Content Management
We create dynamic web apps and attractive websites. Our in-house developped CMS with easy-to-use and efficient management UI helps to build versatile and well-structured content and makes website management effortless.
Healthcare Automation
We provide secure and highly configurable software solutions for medical centers, physicians, experts and secretaries. Whether you are tracking patients, staff, documents, supplies or payments, we develop and customize ready-made EMR/EHR/PM systems to your individual needs and use cases.
Documents Management
We develop wide range of documents management solutions covering all aspects of workflow, so you don’t have to worry about creation, editing and storage of your document. Our in-house developed word processor is well fitted with formatting and co-editing tools for easy workflow and fruitful collaboration.
We customize ready-made eCommerce and eLearning solutions, develop tailored for your individual business needs online catalogs, solutions to train staff, customers, etc. Build multiple opportunities and enlarge your audience by offering them cutting-edge IT trends in online shopping and studying.

Our toolbox

to deliver advanced software solutions

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