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Quality website today is one of the main marketing tools for any organization: company, college, non-profit organization, etc. It is supposed to attract new customers to your business and bring real profits or tangible benefits. But what is the way a visitor makes on the road to becoming a customer?

  1. The primary challenge for a website is to stand out from the crowd and attract users. Statistics say that when a person visits your website for the first time, you’ve got less than 10 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention before he leaves the page never to come back. This is the situation when first impressions are half the battle. Visually appealing and well-balanced web design plays inestimable role on this stage.
  2. The next task is to involve the visitor into a journey across the website in order to introduce the company, its services, showcase your expertise and customer care. Logic interface, transparent navigation and easy access to important information will let your visitors feel comfortable and will make their stay on the site a pleasant experience.
  3. And finally, the core objective for your corporate website is to convert your visitor into a customer. For website users the technological component of your site is as a vivid reflection of the way your company serves its customers. So, depending on how perfectly your website elements work and how quickly they bring him to the required information the user will make up his mind of the service level your company provides.

Does your website perform its functions?

Today more and more companies realize, that the benefits achieved from a quality website, triple the money invested into professional website development. Moreover, it is on the web where your target audience and prospective customers tend to start their search for a service provider, consultants or like-minded people. So, if your website looks impersonal and not user-friendly the visitors are likely to leave it in no time. On such a highly competitive market you simply can’t afford having a poorly functioning website.
We at Spritecs have first-hand knowledge of how create websites that not only attract your visitors’ attention, but make them stay and turn into your regular customers, passionate supporters or active community members. Attractive design, rich functionality, intuitive navigation and flawless functioning – these are the core ingredients we use in our website development recipe.

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