VoIP Deployment

Driving force toward VoIP deployment for B2B and B2C service providers is the need for a way to process the hundreds of calls received each day.


VoIP Advantages

There’s nothing wrong with having a mobile or a landline number as your only way to talk to people. But once you learn about all the indisputable advantages of VoIP, we bet there will be no way back! Lower charges, clearer voice and stable signal at all times, no more worries about battery charge level or cell signal – VoIP has it all to make your everyday phone communication more fun, more profit and less cost.

If you are small to medium business, we are ready to provide turn-key VoIP integration solutions for you. We endorse all the set up cycle to integrate your calling unit to the line providers.

Much lower costs
International calls are generally pretty expensive. Much less expensive call rates using VoIP trunks.
Useful features
A number of smart and useful features such as Contact Lists, Caller ID, Extra Virtual numbers, Voicemails, Call Forwarding / Blocking and many others.
Easy scale-up/down
Now it’s so easy to add or remove new lines for the employee that joins or leaves.
Call analytics
Ability to track and analyse your calling activity: all call information is accessible via call logs.
Greater performance
Setup a conference with a whole team in real time! VoIP data compression allows reducing traffic consumption for bandwidth-sensitive and mobile connections with the same voice quality.
Keep the same number
Phone number with no specific physical location thanks to SIP-trunking technology – no need to change your phone numbers when you relocate! A number for any country reducing call expenses of your international clients.
voip-based services
To fine-tune your processes and automate operations
Make sure your business remains up-to-date with the evolving communication technologies and contact us to join the amazing experience of VoIP phone services!
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  • Turn-key VoIP phone systems solutions and the complete technical maintenance and support, and further development if necessary.
  • Toll-free help line with any geographical location desired for your customers’ inquiries and support;
  • Integration with your existing web-application or the one that we’ll create just for you according to your needs;
  • Mobile employees (via web-application and softphone) with direct access to your office’s phone infrastructure;
  • PBX – an internal office telephone station with all the advantages of a traditional office telephone station that you are used to, but now – a way better! Less expensive, no wires, more flexible call routing & processing abilities and integration with a fixed line (landline or PSTN), connection to the phone server via your PC network, no technical failures or missed calls. Cloud hosted access is also possible.
  • Small call centres to service your business needs;
  • Virtual secretary services.
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