UI modeling & Design

It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us.

Arthur Schopenhauer

What do your visitors see when they come to your website for the first time? It’s not your vast experience, or dedication to your work, neither is it rich functionality of the portal or application. It is simply the graphic design — the visual component of a complex, multifunctional system, its shell. But this shell plays an extremely important role in whether the visitor will become your client. It is in a matter of seconds that the visitor decides whether to stay on your portal or leave it, whether to download your mobile application or to look for a more attractive one.

But user interface design is not about pictures and colours only. And after the first favourable impression is produced the next trial for your website or application is to grab the user’s attention with easy-to-operate user interface, intuitive navigation and thought-out architecture. A properly designed UI allows the user to understand the logics of the system, quickly navigate it and therefore find the information he needs without wasting any efforts.

Professional design and modeling of effective user interfaces, aimed at rich user experience and conversion growth, involves many different stages. Graphic design here plays equally important role with timely requirements analysis, system planning and architecture, usability-based development and thorough testing. Here at Spritecs, creation of user-friendly interfaces for a website or an application is the result of zealous work of a whole team of professionals: designers, information architects, usability experts and developers.

When modeling graphic user interfaces, we adhere to user-centered design philosophy and that’s why our work starts from gathering user requirements and their thorough analysis. A lot of planning and analytical work is performed to ensure that the future interface will meet the needs and expectations of the user. Implementing most effective and advanced testing and development methods ensures compliance with latest usability standards and user psychology.

  • Used early in the development process,wireframes outline the basic structure of the would-be interface, its layout and functions. Being just a graphical sketch of a page wireframes allow quickly and easily alter interface elements and their position if necessary.
  • Use cases and user journeys are descriptions of possible interactions between the user and the website or application. They help determine optimal navigation patters and therefore avoid many errors and inadequacies in development.
  • Storyboards are series of detailed screens that help previsualize each step in a sequence of user interactions with the application or website.
  • Prototyping consists in building a working model of an application or a website. It allows developers test navigation and explore system usability and possible problems.

Masterly combining new development technologies with graphic aesthetics Spritecs creates interfaces that meet users’ expectations but at the same time stand out from the crowd attracting new and new clients to your company. We at Spritecs always keep your users’ needs at the forefront of our work. This is our key to success in building high-performance user interfaces.