Requirements Engineering

Business analysts at Spritecs collaborate closely with customer representatives, eliciting and validating requirements through interviews, user interface design walkthroughs, or prototype evaluations.
The requirements development process within our company embraces the following stages
Understanding the business vision, goals and objectives of the project
Eliciting requirements through interviews, surveys, questionnaires, brainstorming, document analysis, etc
Analyzing the elicited solution ideas, business, user, functionality and data requirements
Documenting requirements, prototyping interfaces to provide visual models of the proposed solutions.
Testing Requirements
Negotiating, approving and reviewing requirements with all stakeholders


To provide our customers with an extensive description of all features and requirements of the system or product to be developed and therefore to procure the basis for further planning of the project, our business analysts provide the following materials for the next development stage

Requirements Specification
Functional and non-functional requirements, use case describing user interactions, system qualities such as performance, usability, security etc.
Flow-diagrams and Wireframes
Screen layouts (colors, layout, graphics, controls), navigation structure, including a detailed description of screen elements, their properties and behaviors under different conditions
Interactive Prototype
We build prototypes to give the best sense of how the web site will feel. Seeing and feeling a living design is a far more efficient and effective method than writing long abstract functional specifications.

Business Analysis

We provide the support you need to successfully implement complex project plans staying within your timeframe and budget. That is to say, we provide our business analysis services to help you to get your development process more streamlined and efficient in order to gain your competitive edge. Being totally aware of the fact that, when it comes to software requirements, changes are very common, we provide preemptive management of ongoing scope variability. To avoide or minimize the uncontrolled changes, we tend to properly define, control and document all the components of project scope and to ensure transparent and efficient communication to eliminate eventual misunderstanding. We believe that our top-quality analysis service will bring you to a solution that will deliver to a more than satisfactory standard.

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