QA & Testing

Everybody seems to be aware of the fact that quality is the backbone of any software product but nevertheless it happens so that more than one third of customers are disappointed with the quality of the software they get from their software development suppliers. Is perfect quality software really that unachievable?

Instead of grieving over the aforementioned statistical data and wondering if flawless software exists, we at Spritecs apply our time-tested approach to quality assurance and testing and make more customers happy with excellent software. It is important to understand that testing and QA play equally important role in designing software as coding. Poorly done testing can lead to the same consequences as poor fitting when you have a suit made – you simply won’t be able to use the product for its purpose and your money would be wasted in vain. But it won’t happen if you entrust your project to professional developers with an established testing procedure.

What helps Spritecs deliver top quality projects on time and on budget is the unique combination of testing and QA methodologies. These approaches and methodologies provide wholesome quality assurance in different forms. We do not distinguish testing from the development process, it takes place all the time after every small stage in a project.

  • To enhance the quality of our work we take the best of Extreme programming software development methodology to organize the process in an optimal way and ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. We work in close communication with the customer that helps us get instant feedback and immediately react to changing requirements and conditions. Dividing each project into multiple small releases allows to detect errors in functionality at early stages and therefore saves time and increases the quality of elaboration. Pair programming improves risk management, averts many mistakes and increases team involvement into the project what inevitably contributes to the project success.
  • Writing tests first for each development cycle within the scope of Test driven development (TDD) contributes greatly to overall quality of the elaborated software. This approach increases code flexibility what simplifies further developments and enhancements of the product. In addition to it, test driven development encourages programmers to elaborate user stories what results in more logical and user-friendly interface. TDD increases team productivity, cutting the number of errors in the code and therefore the development time.
  • In our work we also widely apply Stress-testing method that helps determine stability of the elaborated system and check its recoverability. Putting software under levels of stress beyond normal operational capacity helps detect possible risks and avert them on the development stage.
  • Due to the clear emphasis on quality assurance throughout the development process it is hard to underestimate the benefits SCRUM methodology implies for a software development project. Planning and analysis of each iteration in SCRUM helps identify and evaluate potential risks and avoid pitfalls. We prefer to create quality, rather than fix errors and SCRUM helps meet this requirement.

We use these best practices and methodologies to achieve perfection in delivering top level functionality for our customers. We are proud of our highly productive quality assurance system that will bring tangible benefits to your project.