QA & Testing

We apply our time-proved approach to quality assurance and testing, making more customers happy with our software and satisfying to the frameworks and security requirements of the variety of industries.

Functional testing
Testing functional capabilities of our applications, including various documents workflows across the enterprise
Regression testing
Applying effective regression testing strategy and wise automation of test cases for tangible benefits
Compatibility testing
Cross-browser and cross-platform testing to provide identical functional behavior
Performance testing
Evaluating software behavior under a specific expected load, Identifying the limits of software capacity and capability under increased processing power and architecture changes
Usability & GUI testing
Our extensive expertise in creation of intuitive interfaces enables us to provide enjoyable user experiences for our customers
Security Testing
Testing for compliance with HIPAA and Data Protection laws across EU and Switzerland

Using our best practices and methodologies, we achieve perfection in delivering top level functionality for our customers. We are proud of our highly productive quality assurance process that will bring tangible benefits to your project .

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