Maintenance & Support

Even well-developed web applications and sites require constant maintenance and support as the company needs change and new opportunities appear.

Nevertheless, poor maintenance brings even more harm to a website than no maintenance at all. Bare statistics show that in many companies up to 75% of the IT budget is spent on software maintenance and support instead of innovations and new solutions deployment. But rest assured, you won’t face such difficulties! At least not with Spritecs.

Once you become our client you get a guarantee of comprehensive care and support of your project throughout the development process and after the delivery. You don’t need to have a professional in-house programmer as after your project is launched our manager stays in on-going communication with your team to make the use of the system a pleasant and trouble-free experience. We eagerly provide our customers with both planned preventive maintenance and urgent corrective support if needed.

Our maintenance and support service offerings include:

  • Software customization — our world rushes forward and every day new needs and opportunities appear and we will be happy to introduce better functionality to the developed solution when you need it.
  • Defect detection — highly unlikely, but if you find some errors in the system after final delivery we are ready to eliminate the bugs as soon as possible.
  • Optimization of system capabilities — we don’t believe in perfect systems as there is always room for improvement. And we never get tired of improving the operational performance of your application or website.
  • Database administration — Spritecs specialists regularly monitor performance of your database and make modifications to ensure that everything is working effectively.
  • Administration of web applications and sites — necessary changes are quickly and easily introduced to the configuration settings of the system to make sure it meets your current needs.
  • Data analysis and custom reporting — we analyze the performance of the deployed system on a regular basis and provide our clients with comprehensive reports and recommendations.

So if you choose Spritecs you get not only professionally developed software that will surpass your expectations but also minimization of costs on application maintenance and support services. In good times and bad, we are by your side.