Maintenance & Support

Even well-developed web applications and sites require constant maintenance and support as the company needs change and new opportunities appear.


We help healthcare providers and insurers to deal successfully with all the major maintenance and support challenges. Once you become our client you get a guarantee of comprehensive care and support of your project throughout the development process and after the delivery.

We eagerly provide our customers with both planned preventive maintenance and urgent corrective support if needed.

We develop and install monitoring solutions to prevent break-downs to ensure our customers their services are running well.
We revise the current state of an application, analyze its performance and possible bugs, and work out improvement plans to ensure better functionality of our solutions.

Our proactive approach allows to foresee technical problems that can affect customers’ business, warns in advance and prevents system failure.

Our maintenance and support service offerings include
Our world rushes forward and every day new needs and opportunities appear and we will be happy to introduce better functionality to the developed solution when you need it.
Necessary changes are quickly and easily introduced to the configuration settings of the system to make sure it meets your current needs
We never get tired of improving the operational performance of your application or website. We regularly monitor performance of the server environment.
Data analysis and custom reporting
We analyze the performance of the deployed system on a regular basis and provide our clients with comprehensive reports and recommendations.
No need to have a professional in-house programmers and system administrators.
We keep private data safe and provide fast and bug-free software functioning.
We offer cooperation models fine-tuned to the individual needs of our customers.
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