Creating competitive edge for you

Everything we do is devoted to perfecting your business and enabling you achieve better results in short time. That’s why we deliver a full range of services aimed at automating routine processes, streamlining communication and getting you rid of unnecessary paperwork. We guarantee ultimate efficiency and quality of all the services in our list, because they are based on our deep understanding of the industry specifics and regulations that influence your business activities.

Spritecs SA specializes in the development of custom-made high-end software for healthcare and insurance industry. With these business specifics in mind we create functionality-rich applications and portals for Insurance Carriers and Third Party Administrators (TPA), software for healthcare and insurance billing, accounting and archiving, Electronic Medical Records and Patient Scheduling Software for medical offices and health services, and many other industry specific software. Have a closer look at our projects.

Each of the services we provide is meant to bring certain aspects of your business activity to the leading edge. Have a closer look at the services to decide what the hi-tech touch your business needs is.

To enhance out development process and speed up delivery time we have created our own PHP development framework. We are constantly working to make it even better and to optimize the process of building feature-rich applications and portals. The MVC framework and our individual approach to software development enabled us to achieve:

  • shorter website and application creation time
  • elimination of major bottlenecks in development process
  • higher security level
  • easier integration and support of our PHP-based solutions

Due to the open-source nature, Spritecs PHP apps and websites can be easily supported by your in-house IT team with some experience in LAMP-based development.

We take pride in our wide experience in delivering feature-rich solutions tailored to meet unique needs of professionals working in healthcare and insurance domains. This experience allows us to successfully pass every step on the way to creating ideal software product to fulfill your specific business requirements.

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