Document Management System

Document Management System

Swiss Medical Expertise

Customer Profile

This document management system was created for an Expertise center in Geneva with a team of around 40 employees and managers. Up to 1000 expertise requests are processed annually, resulting in complex expert reports containing various professional and confidential information. Amongst clients of this expertise center there are numerous well-established insurance companies, international organizations, legal offices and individuals.

Business challenge

An enormous amount of paperwork was processed daily. Data files were gathered from diverse sources: received by e-mail or fax, in printed format by post or brought digitally on CD. In addition to these, clients sometimes provided links on the requested files to be downloaded. Managing all these manifold data sources took enormous part of employees’ working time and caused troubles in the early stage of document processing.

It was also required to optimize the expertise pipeline where experts, secretaries, auditors and management staff were involved. Before we took on the project, this procedure was not automated. The documents were edited in MS Word application and their modified versions were sent by e-mail or downloaded to FTP server where any team member could download it for further editing. It often occurred that changes were made to the outdated version of the document, which led to a lot of confusion, conflicts and waste of time. Role-based access to documents and private data security was a must for our customer’s business.

At this time, the expertise center was rapidly expanding; the number of employees was growing, and thus more advanced document treatment practices were needed with enhanced content security requirements.

In this context, we were asked to develop custom made online document editor that would improve productivity, as well as provide additional settings for accessing internal document content and full integration with the entire automation system of the expertise center.

Collaborative work on expert evaluations and files versioning, private data security and role-based access to the documents’ sections, content updates across multiple documents, linking CRM and Patient records were the most challenging tasks.


We developed a comprehensive solution for the automation of business processes of the expertise center, where one of the key elements is the document management system with an inbuilt word processor.

Documents input

First of all, we unified the process of document input to the system from various sources. Documents coming from clients via e-mail, fax or from a scanner or manually uploaded, are automatically processed, a text recognition procedure is performed if necessary, and patients’ personal data is encrypted. Afterwards, the documents are added to the system, linked to the entities like CRM, appointments, patients, insurers, and become available to the expertise center staff according to their access rights.

Documents processing and workflow automation

A lot of attention was paid to the internal optimization of team work on expertise report, minimization of staff errors, workflow speed increase, which, in turn, provides positive feedback from insurers and, accordingly, income growth of the expertise center.

We have developed rule-based processing of the incoming documents, provided friendly interfaces to browse repositories and documents, elaborated document content search and advanced search on documents’ attributes. Our system is capable of keeping record of the various versions of the documents created and modified by different users. Checkin/checkout based versions control system allows users not to worry anymore about currency of the document version available. They can now quickly find all the necessary information, as all the documents are linked to the relevant records in the system, making it easy to track, manage and store files.

Inbuilt Word Processor

The leading role in our solution is played by our in-house developed document online editor that we integrated into the system. This online text editing tool was specifically customized to better adapt to the particular needs of the expertise center. By using developer-friendly API, we extended document processing functionality with custom-written extensions. All the changes experts make are automatically saved during their work. Moreover, changelog now allows them to see the list of earlier document versions. It also enables expert center users to edit documents together with their colleagues, using the in-built document chat or by sharing their comments.

For a number of reasons, expertise center could not use ready-made solutions offered on the market, such as Office 365 or Google Docs. We have implemented system records required by the customer such as contact details, appointments data, etc. integrated into the editor, as well as have linked the editor with audit trail and secretarial training system data. We have also fulfilled customer’s mandatory requirement to implement content synchronization across the documents and access rights restriction within the document.

Technical overview

Our document management system is equipped by friendly, quick-responsive UI and powered by robust API-based back-end. The technology stack features React.js/Redux for front-end and LEMP with Laravel PHP Framework for the back-end. Documents Online Editor is developed using native JavaScript (ES6+) with its advanced approaches and techniques to achieve maximum productivity.

This is an ongoing project, as both DMS and inbuilt Word Processor (Documents Online Editor) regularly undergo incremental updates to improve user experience and system reliability.


  • Increased Productivity: a custom-built comprehensive solution fully matched all the specifics outlined by the expertise center and dramatically increased its productivity. Namely, the speed of preparation of the expert reports has grown tenfold, as well as labor productivity of the employees.
  • Automation: all the improvements made it possible to define customer’s work processes, eliminate the factor of human errors and get rid of a huge amount of routine at the preparatory stage of expert evaluation.
  • Quality and Clients’ satisfaction: it’s truly convenient now to work on big volume files. Data processing is fully compliant with current Data Protection requirements. Expertise center’s clients note the increased quality of the reports and are satisfied with the stepped-up evaluation pace.
SME - Swiss Medical Expertise SA
Geneva, Switzerland

Spritecs team took on a really challenging project and did a great job! We needed a document management system to efficiently process our incoming data and to work on evaluation reports. We also wanted a tool for online editing of our text documents directly in web-browser, but we couldn’t use standard products, as we needed a whole range of specific things to be implemented, such as integration with our CRM, insured persons’ data input, synchronization across the file, access rights restriction, etc. Spritecs successfully developed this solution for us with all the necessary functionalities and it works fine in all main browsers.

CEO, SME - Swiss Medical Expertise SA
SME - Swiss Medical Expertise SA

Functional Modules

Document Management System
InBuild Word Processor
We have developed a convenient cross-browser word processor using JavaScript to help users create their text documents, edit them and share with colleagues for efficient collaborative work. Broad-ranging styling and extensions, pictures and tables insertion, versions control and follow-up functionalities make your work on texts with our word processor easy, intuitive and hassle-free. It can be easily customized to meet your specific needs and flexibly integrated with any management automation system that we develop.
Files Manager
This module greatly serves for easy document upload from various input sources (including text recognition by FineReader), ensuring their further editing and secure storage according to latest Data Protection requirements. To obtain the best performance and meet the challenges set, we used a happy blend of commercial and open-source products. Friendly user interface was implemented on ReactJS, Redux and other cutting-edge technologies. Easy file check-in and check-out procedure and version control option make file processing much easier, thus greatly increasing overall workflow efficiency.
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