Medical Workflow Automation

Medical Workflow Automation

Expertise Center

Customer background

Medical expertise center in Geneva with a team of more than 30 healthcare professionals and managers. The core business activity of the client is to provide high-quality medical expertise services in the field of health insurance to companies and individual clients. Expertise center annually processes more than 800 expertise requests from about 40 corporate clients, helping to make the right decision within the complex and multi-component medical context and provide comprehensive reports with thorough professional information in each specific case.

Business challenges

Each request processed by an expertise center comprises numerous operations: data collection and categorization, file management, document exchange, analysis of vast quantities of heterogeneous information, communication with other parties, billing and storage. Processing of all these versatile data (paper documents and emails, audio and video files, images and web content) often results in inefficiency when handled manually or by general purpose software. Performing those complex but fixed-sequence procedures not only takes up much of doctor’s time, but creates error-prone environment, what is unacceptable in medical expertise.

Long life-cycle of expertise requests and medical information sensitivity, as well as the Data Protection compliance standards necessitate high level of data structuration, secure transfer, storage and retrieval. Existing workflow management solutions could neither meet the specific needs, nor take into account peculiarities of collaboration between Swiss health insurance companies and medical expertise centers. Plus, it was important to take into account the human factor and individual working preferences, providing the user with a 360-degree view of each request.


Within the scope of this Medical Workflow Automation solution for expertise center, Spritecs applied its workflow engine created to serve as the basis for workflow management solutions. This engine is designed to manage modeled business processes moving tasks between essential milestones, facilitate the flow of data related to each request and organize users’ interaction with and within the system according to their corporate authority level. A transparent and intuitive interface is used for all-level communication between the user and the system. Customizable dashboards of adaptive MWA allow the experts and clients to better adjust the system to their individual working patterns.

Technical Overview

Analysis of client’s requirements as well as user-behavior modeling helped us define the scope of functional modules to be developed for expertise center. The whole MWA system architecture and each module in particular allow easy system improvement, scale-up and adoption of new features.

Expertise Center
Geneva, Switzerland

Every day of using workflow automation system I become more and more persuaded that the decision to have a software solution designed specifically to meet our needs was the right one. The benefits are obvious: almost all the operations with data are now automated – less errors and less paper in the office; the time spent on data management reduced manifold – we can work with twice as many clients as before; all the documents are in perfect order. In other words it is a great tool for our expertise center. Spritecs have done their job perfectly well and currently they provide us with comprehensive support.

CEO, Expertise Center
Expertise Center

Functional Modules

Medical Workflow Automation
MWA calendar considerably improves the process of task monitoring and time management. Color-coded event planner, customizable reminders and vast range of event types help both experts and clients coordinate their collaboration and control the workload. Possibility to individually set state holidays to keep abreast of the working schedule of clients and partners all over the globe.
File Manager
This module is a great tool for document upload, secure storage and editing. Version control option allows making an instant roll back to previous versions without data loss. Easy file check-in and check-out enhances synchronized collaborative work. With all documents being attached to particular requests, it is simple to access the right file at the right moment.
Clients Management
MWA provides the clients of the expertise center with functionally rich Client Portal where they can find anything they need to communicate with the experts, exchange versatile data, monitor requests being processed and plan their future activity. All existing contacts are gathered in one place. Various statistics and analytical reports are available according to the specific company or client.
Medical Staff Management
Medical staff management tool gives the opportunity to establish different levels of system access for various medical specialists according to their authority level. Each user can also tune his own personal settings to make the most out of his usage of the system. Users are able to reserve their personal time-offs while HR-manager can track and manage time-offs schedule for the whole team to ensure its non-stop operation. Time-off reports are available for a specific person and period.
Patient records management
This module provides easy-to-use and convenient tools for collection, categorization, storage and retrieval of patient-related information of any kind: text, images, audio and video, document scans, etc. All the info regarding a specific patient, such as his medical records history, personal info, insurance details and personal documents, medical evaluation reports, is conveniently gathered in one place with easy access and intuitive navigation.
Invoicing and Accounting
Financial data is being synchronized according to the business-specified rules throughout the entire life cycle of each request, providing relevant information on any stage of its processing. All the invoices are accessible at any moment with the indication of their current payment status and the number of payment reminders already sent to the debtor. The reminders system is fully customizable with the possibility to set the delay and the predefined template for each reminder type.
Collaboration Tools
Various means of internal communication are incorporated, aiming to support active on-going collaboration between experts, clients and patients. Internal mail tool keeps all the incoming messages in easily accessible and sortable archive. There’s also an inbuilt chat that enables messages exchange in group, creation of permanent discussion boards with search option, sending personal messages and share files, images, etc. Voice communication tools include various VoIP features, such as a conference call, direct dialing from the system phone book and fax sending of user’s internal documents.
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