Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management


Customer Profile

AsterOffice is one of major providers of medical secretarial services in Switzerland and Western Europe. The overall staff numbers more than 40 professionals including managers, secretaries, auditors and transcriptionists. The core activity of the client is to provide professional secretarial and medical transcription services and comprehensive help to healthcare practitioners and experts all over Europe in handling all their paperwork and document workflow.


High level of interoperability between business process automation tools is vital in organizations like AsterOffice, who are dealing with loads of documentation and request-handling tasks. Before engaging Spritecs specialists, AsterOffice operated a static website with brief information about the company and its services, providing no further functionality for visitors. Uncoordinated systems were used to manage and store company documentation and clients' files; only limited channels were available for communication between a healthcare specialist and his secretary or transcriptionist. Reporting and management features were poorly integrated into the workflow, paving the way for mishmash and delays in business processes. The previously used CRM system didn't quite fit the company needs, what resulted in poor customer service.


After requirements gathering, thorough analysis and bottlenecks detection, a concept of the solutions to be delivered was elaborated. It encompassed the development of integrated document and task management systems with comprehensive reporting functionality, powerful custom-designed Clients Management system, as well as introduction of VoIP Dictation tool and creation of new interactive full-function website and voice recording application for mobile phones, PC and tablets.

AsterOffice SA
Geneva, Switzerland
“We are very much pleased with the way Spritecs solutions empowered AsterOffice operations. The complex system masterly developed by Spritecs professional team now forms the heart of our business. Once pretty static, today AsterOffice website is our main marketing tool generating leads and attracting new clients to our company. Rich functionality enabled us not only to reduce our costs and delivery time, increase profits and efficiency; we also managed to achieve 43% growth of service quality (according to the research conducted by an independent consulting agency). Adoption of the new system also influenced the level of job satisfaction among AsterOffice team – the attrition rate lowered to 7% only.”
Véronique RANIRI
Manager, AsterOffice SA
AsterOffice SA

Functional Modules

Enterprise Project Management
Document Management
This module was custom designed to best match the demands of both AsterOffice employees and management staff. Traditional options of file creation, preview, edition, share and conversion were enriched by adding special features related to speech records, enabling their creation and management.
Task Management
This module gives user the possibility to overlook all the current tasks at a glance, with the indication of their type, delay, priority, due date, submission / resolution date, as well as estimated resolution time. A notification can be sent when a specific task is resolved. A convenient ability to set up a separate task group has been implemented to assort tasks by some specific feature or by client.
Clients Management
Developed CRM offers all the functionality the AsterOffice managers might need for his efficient everyday operation, featuring an intuitive interface and easy navigation. For AsterOffice clients we developed Client Area, where clients are able to overview and control all his working processes, upload audio files to be transcribed as well as to download text files already transcribed, overlook his tariffs, invoices billed, see a complete list of all the medical cabinets and clinics with their contact info, etc.
Human Resources Management
AsterOffice allows quick and easy automated Human Resource management. Employee recruiting with CV collection, analysis and comparison; team member coaching and succession planning; managing employee performance and employment termination – all these procedures find their reflection in AsterOffice HRM tool.
Reports and Analytics
On the basis of client’s specific requirements a comprehensive reporting system was elaborated. The reporting system was designed to provide managers and portal users with accurate and comprehensive up-to-date statistical information about tasks progress in the form of reports. Customization option allows choosing different criteria to measure progress and build forecasts, even featuring a Gauss curb function. Besides ad-hoc reports, the system generates regular monthly reports that are automatically sent to the manager and medical specialists.
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