We create functionality-rich applications and portals for Insurance Carriers and Third Party Administrators (TPA), software for healthcare and insurance billing, accounting and archiving, Electronic Medical Records and Patient Scheduling Software for medical offices and health services, and many other industry specific software.
Enterprise Project Management

AsterOffice is a professionally developed web-based portal, with its front-end and back-end built on the principles of efficiency, integrity and security. The portal enables delivery of top quality medical secretarial and transcription services.

Medical Workflow Automation
Clinique Corela

Healthcare automation solution for Clinique Corela is based on Spritecs’ healthcare automation engine designed to manage various business processes. It dramatically eases data flow and request processing routine for clinics and expert centers, featuring transparent interface and customizable dashboards.

Professional online community

MedLex is a professional web-based network that brings together Swiss medical insurance carriers and healthcare providers. Rich functionality of the network allows its users to optimise communication processes and bring interaction to perfection.
Electronic catalogue

Tecsmed operates in Madagascar delivering world-class medical and security products to Madagascar companies and individual customers. Tecsmed website is the main marketing tool and the face of the company, with high demands set forth the system.
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