Grow through online communities

*Online community is group of people with a common purpose, interest, or activity, who communicate in virtual environment.

We all are involved in many different groups, networks and communities: families, friends, colleagues, etc. People communicate, collaborate and interact with their connections both in person and online. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have millions of members. But clever organizations do their best to gather their audience (clients, fans, customers, supporters, club members, so on) on web platforms designed specifically for the purposes of the communities.

Just stop and think for a moment…

Community users spend 54% more than non-community users
72% of consumers trust other consumers' opinions posted online
83% of purchase decisions are influenced by Word of Mouth

These numbers speak volumes

People are born to communicate. And if they are ready to communicate about your brand or idea, why not provide them with a convenient environment to do that? The benefits are obvious:

  • Word-of-mouth promotion
  • Outside source of innovations
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty
  • Website traffic
  • First-hand feedback
  • Personalized communication, etc.

So if you have something to gather people around, it's time to create your online community and start on-going development.

What are the steps?

  1. 1

    Define your audience.

    If you know your audience, you know what to do to ensure that they will find your community interesting and useful, that they will bring their friends and talk about your community both online and offline, they will be passionate about your organization and will provide you with fresh ideas. So the first and most important step to make is investigate your audience:

    • Who they are?
    • What are their interests and preferences?
    • How can you unite them?
  2. 2

    Determine the tools you need.

    Sometimes people get overexcited with web 2.0 and spend too much money on unnecessary but very cool tools. The money they could have invested on business development. Spritecs analysts are ready to help you choose only the tools that your audience will appreciate:

    • Instant messaging
    • File exchange
    • Micro-blogging
    • Blogging
    • File storage
    • Photo sharing
    • Content sharing
    • Calendar
    • etc.
    • Collaboration
    • Polls
  3. 3

    Have your community developed.

    This is what Spritecs Community Engine is for. On the basis of it we have already developed functionally-rich communities that now serve as a powerful marketing and promotional tools for our clients.

    We will apply all our knowledge and experience to develop a community that will fit your needs to a T. And after it's done we'll help you maintain the project in top-quality state.

    And then….

    With a custom-designed online community all you have to do is attract your audience. How? The rules are simple:

    • Give them value
    • Keep them interested
    • Maintain the community active
    • Contribute to community life
    • Provide dynamic leaders

    Given all these your community will grow every day facilitating your business growth.

Just try

Still hesitating? Give us a call and we'll help you analyze your needs and develop the most appropriate online community for your organization, whether it is a church, a club, a portal for employees or anything else.

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P.S. Mind that while you're hesitating, competitors draw over your audience.

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