Our technologies are tools that help us achieve your goals. And as any seasoned master we know what tools best match the objectives set at the beginning of every project.

We know the true value of good trusted tools kept in perfect condition. That’s why we put considerable emphasis on training and improving our skills and knowledge base to take the best out of our continuously growing technology expertise for your success.

We bring the power and flexibility of open source technologies into the projects we undertake what allows us to develop most innovative and productive applications that are easy to maintain, develop and change.

Our team has extensive experience in successful development of high load systems, building their architecture, planning and maintenance. This makes Spritecs a trusted provider of solutions with unconventional requirements, where security, performance and cost-effectiveness are at the focus.

Our Cloud computing skills helped us create many functionally rich projects in the cloud which provide their users with considerable cost benefits, unlimited data storage opportunities, unmatched flexibility and mobility which are of great importance in the internet-centered business world of today.

OS/Platforms UNIX, Apple iOS / Mac OS, Android, Windows
Web Servers Apache, MS IIS
Programming languages PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl
Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
Techniques & Technologies Scripting (JavaScript) / DHTML, Ajax / Comet, Flash (ActionScript)
Libraries & Frameworks *

JQuery, Prototype, ExtJS, YahooUI
Smatry, PEAR, Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
VoIP Technologies SIP, RTP/RTCP
Case Tools Rational Rose Tools, ERwin

*  To enhance development process, improve quality and speed up delivery time — we use our own PHP development framework.

We cherish challenges and enjoy every opportunity to lead your project to success or better even surpass your expectations. Nothing is impossible if you have the skills and love your job.


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