Specializing in creating functionally rich software solutions for healthcare and insurance industries, we take pride and joy in providing industry players with state-of-the-art websites and applications empowering their businesses.

Core development areas
  • Elaboration of websites, corporate portals and social networks
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Development of web application specified to healthcare and insurance industry requirements
  • Automation of healthcare and insurance business processes
  • Creation of medical software solutions (EMR, EHR, PM)
Team skillset

We achieve our invariably high level of excellence and quality due to the broad list of Spritecs in-house skills that allow us to cover all needs of our clients with unfailing professionalism and quality:

  • Business analysis team
    Business requirements analysis, Business process reengineering, UI prototyping, Software architecture planning, Requirements specification
  • Design team
    Graphical design, Web design, UI design
  • Development team
    Server-side and client-side programming
  • System administration team
    Server administration, Security and configuration, Backup and Recovery control, Loads balancing
  • QA team
    Manual Testing, Functional testing, Stress testing, Security testing, Quality evaluation
  • Management team
    Project management, Reporting
Object-oriented approach

Working at every project we apply object-oriented approach that allows us to create intuitive software solutions easy to develop, test and support what results in low maintenance and improvement costs.

Spritecs PHP Framework

We also use our unique highly productive Spritecs PHP Framework what makes it possible to create effective, secure applications. Specific features of Spritecs PHP Framework empower the process of software development:

  • MVC pattern allows to isolate elaboration, testing and maintenance of domain logic and user interface what increases the code quality.
  • Form input and validation feature makes gathering significant information from application users easy, safe and effective.
  • Caching allows to transparently store data what enhances application performance and effectiveness.
  • Security and prevention measures provide reliable protection of the applications from cookie attacks, cross-site scripting and forgery.
  • Error handling and logging features help customize error handling rules and modify logging settings.
  • Support of third party code allows easy integration of third-party libraries into developed environment to extend its functionality and capabilities.
Spritecs PHP Development Guideline

Spritecs corporate PHP Development Guideline ensures that the applications we create are compliant with the international coding guidelines and therefore offer excellent improvement and maintenance opportunities.

Agile methods

We consider SCRUM project management model to be extremely beneficial for every software project in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Division of a project into small iterations and its continuous adaptation to the customer’s needs contributes to the systems’ productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Application of Test Driven Development (TDD) increases communication and collaboration between customers, testers and programmers. Safe net of tests built within the scope of TDD ensures that the delivered code meets customer’s expectations and user’s needs.

The value of Extreme Programming (XP) methodology for successful software development project can not be exaggerated. Close collaboration between the programmers and ongoing dialogue with the customer contributes to better understanding of the requirements and flawless development.


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