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Denis Waitley

Deep technological know-how. Sustainable industry insight. Long track record of successfully delivered projects. Outstanding programing skills. And constant strive for improvement. All this form our unique area of expertise that enables us to provide our clients with powerful software solutions which answer their specific business needs.

Industry expertise

Spritecs team has successfully developed a whole list of software solutions custom-designed for healthcare and insurance industry needs and 9 out of each10 clients come back to us with new projects. This speaks volumes about the quality of Spritecs work and service and makes us a trusted partner for medical centers and insurance companies. Profound understanding of industry specific requirements and regulations allow us create beneficial solutions that:

  • empower your business with most appropriate opportunities
  • help you rise to the next level of competitive advantage
  • allow you focus on core processes

Technology expertise

Our proven set of programming technologies, project management and development methods builds up an advantage in delivery time, product quality and security of the solutions we create. Leveraging best-of-breed technologies, we provide you with opportunities to:

  • cut costs and optimize your performance
  • boost your business with hi-end solutions
  • automate business processes and reduce paperwork to minimum

Have a look at our projects to learn more about the way Spritecs empowers healthcare and insurance industry players with cutting-edge technology.


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