Our Team

The receipt of invariably successful projects that are made in Spritecs kitchen is simple: you need dedication, expertise, reliability and a pinch of creativity.

There is one more secret ingredient that no one else can replicate – Spritecs team – a quintessence of tight-knit professionals working in unity.

We have achieved this high concentration of bright individuals with outstanding professional qualifications due to dual ‘filtration’ system. The first filter is established at the very entrance – it picks only highly qualified professionals and promising enthusiasts. The second filter – and the most important one – is established in the team itself. Only people who can put the interests of the team above their own interests and who enjoy working in a team can contribute to steady development. We call this filtration system ‘professionals come – soul mates stay’. At the output we get pure team, without any admixtures. This team of the highest standard is the most valuable asset of Spritecs, something that we are truly proud of.


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