Mission and Values

While the 21st century world is quickly changing and both we and our customers have to be flexible enough to adapt to the changes and continue to prosper, there are sustainable ideals that help Spritecs stay the course and remain what we are.

Mission we stand for

We see our mission in empowering healthcare and insurance domain players with effective IT-enabled solutions.

Values we share

For Spritecs core values are not just a list of bombastic words used solely to fill in a page on the website. Our core values are something that we strongly believe in, something that helps us define the right directions and take the right steps on our way to the top. These values remain invariable even when circumstances change; together they form the basis of our corporate vision.

Excellence – Quality – Team – Communication – Partnership

Commitment to excellence is our guiding principle. We achieve excellence by constantly extending our domain expertise and forming significant footprint in healthcare and insurance domains, being responsive to all changes in our focus industries and technologies, maintaining high professional level of our team. This continuous improvement ensures that we deliver top level solutions that help your company become the benchmark of the industry.

We strongly believe that providing high quality services we make a contribution into the overall improvement of quality of life on the planet. Spritecs high-end solutions empower our clients to optimize their business processes and therefore raise their customer service level. We dedicate many efforts to continuously improve different aspects of our work: service level, security systems, customer satisfaction, expertise and cost-effectiveness. Ongoing quality improvement is our way of reaching excellence, which is our first value.

Our team is the rock on which we stand. It is a team of highly professional, passionate and innovative people that make the wheels turn in healthcare and insurance software industry. We trust our people, we invest in our people and we care about our people because we know the intrinsic meaning of a close-knit team united by the same values and striving to reach the same goals. That’s why we pay great attention to employing only qualified professionals that fuse into our team and contribute to both Spritecs’ and our clients’ success.

Communication is the key to trust and collaboration. Being deeply committed to building sustainable relationships with our clients we never act from short-term considerations, we work in close contact with you to ensure complete understanding of your needs, values and preferences. This adherence to relationship-driven approach finds its expression in special attention we pay to every single project and in our strive for building constructive dialog with every client. All this results in our ability to penetrate deep into your specific situation and therefore provide you with the solution that best fits your business needs.

Working at your project we treat your company as a partner and not just as a client. It means that we are not trying to increase profits at your expense. We are looking for win-win solutions, take your business needs as our own and do our best to find the solution that meets all your requirements. And even when the project is over our collaboration continues and we are always ready to provide you with comprehensive help and support.

Goals we live by

  • To enrich the IT aspect of healthcare and insurance domains
  • To provide our clients with sustainable competitive edge and leverage their business profitability
  • To be the preferred IT service provider across healthcare and insurance industries


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