Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

— this is the first thing we want you to know about us! Our job is making your business win. And we are passionately committed to our job.


Spritecs SA is a software development company headquartered in Switzerland. It was founded in 2010 by a small group of enthusiastic professionals. Today Spritecs is continuously developing, expanding our customer network, hiring professionals with extensive expertise and constantly raising our quality and security level. Our main focus is on providing businesses in healthcare and insurance domains with comprehensive IT-based support.

Our strength is in a combination of outstanding technological expertise with deep understanding of industry standards and domain specifics. Though comparatively young Spritecs has a proven track record of excellent delivery results in large scale projects for major players of both Swiss and European healthcare and insurance markets.

We are young and flexible. We look into tomorrow with open hearts and we live and work to enrich and brighten up that world of tomorrow. We know how to find beauty and harmony in the prosiness around us and this is where we derive our inspiration from. This inspiration helps us add that beauty and harmony into every idea we bring to life and every solution we create.

But together with flexibility and innovating we have a set of principles that guide our decisions and a proven business framework that helps us win together with our clients.

Providing cutting-edge solutions we, however, are not interested in new for the sake of new. We firmly believe that every innovation should simplify and bring improvement into business processes. That is why in our work we apply trusted and functionally-rich technologies and never switch to bleeding-edge, uncoordinated development frameworks. We use fail-safe technologies to enhance your business with secure IT-enabled solutions that form your steady competitive advantage.


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