Today's most trending IT solutions for healthcare

In our previous post we explored a bit how the traditional healthcare has changed over past few years under the influence of omnipresent IT innovations.

Let’s take a look at the pool of IT solutions most widely used nowadays by major players of healthcare industry.

EMR Systems

Electronic medical record systems that help organize all the workflow and data management of smaller and huge medical institutions. These comprehensive solutions englobe all the multitude of various features and modules depending on organization’s specific needs:

  • Patients Management
  • Medical History
  • Electronic prescription
  • Laboratory
  • Agenda (calendars, appointment reminders)
  • Accounting and billing
  • Mobile applications

Various editions are often available depending on doctor’s specialty and role, e.g. Doctor Edition, Nurse Edition, Dentist Edition, MRI Scanning Solution and Archiving, and many others.

Material handling and provisioning automation

Material Handling Systems for Hospitals — these solutions efficiently move goods – from drugs, specimens, samples and blood products to regularly scheduled deliveries of food, linens and waste – throughout the hospital, allowing staff to focus on patient-care activities.

  • Automated Storage and Picking Systems
  • Pneumatic Tube Systems
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Automated Guided Vehicles

Medication Management Systems — management solutions automate medication storage, retrieval and dispensing to help enable tracking and traceability, reduce errors and improve patient safety.

  • Automated Tablet Packaging Systems
  • Atomated Packaging and dispensing Systems
  • Autmated Pharmacy Storage Systems
  • Tablet Splitters
  • Automated Packaging and Dispensing Systems
  • Drug Dispensing Systems

Laboratory Automation Systems — refer to the whole of sample processing, from the beginning of the workflow inside the lab (check-in) to the end (disposing), including any step in pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases.  After identifying samples, a TLA solution, will automatically prepare and deliver them to the appropriate analyzer while ensuring full specimen traceability and golden standard laboratory practices.

Secondary solutions for healthcare industry support

Text digitizing solutions enable documents to be digitized quickly and easily, helping clinicians to securely access the right patient information whenever and wherever they need it, facilitating higher patient care levels.

Medical Transcription solutions providing medical secretary services and numerous opportunities of dictation capture for doctors enabling them to easily upload their audio files and download back their reports accurately transcribed into text files.

Patient Workflow Management solutions — help healthcare organizations to specifically automate patient registration, check-in and information flow, minimizing costs and waiting times and improving patient satisfaction.

Web-repositories of typical medical forms in PDF-format, regularly updated, with auto-fill option enabling maximum automatization of the filling process and automatic and secured sending to eHealth system.

Solutions helping doctors to choose the correct prescription of medication for their patients containing complete info about medicaments interaction, pediatric dosage, possibility to diminish or increase the prescribed dosage, manufacturers list, etc.

This is just a brief survey of what’s going on today in the healthcare automation field. We are sure to be witnessing much bigger innovations to arrive as we only enter the era of the auspicious intersection of medicine and technology.

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Being a marketing analyst at Spritecs for 3 years now, Nadia is keeping tabs on company’s updates as well as emerging IT trends and picks what’s worth the whistle.

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