Spritecs logo in a collection of best logo designs

You can't tell a book by its cover, but still…

It goes without saying that a beautiful logo is no guarantee of success for a company yet. It is not the logo that makes your brand great. It is the quality of your product, the way your people feel about their job, the experience your customers get from communication with you and the reflection your values find in everything you do. Brand is everything, and everything is brand.

A bit more than 1 year ago Spritecs company was created and the brand name was officially registered. However, Spritecs team started to form long time ago somewhere in 2005. We have always adhered to the belief that one can not persuade people buy his products unless he himself believes in their superior quality. For us the only way to believe in products’ superiority is to know for sure that they are superior. That’s why from the very beginning we’ve decided to put the major emphasis on quality and service management. And development of corporate identity was just a collateral process, though a very important one.

However, the result surpassed our expectations and later on the basis of the logo concept a coherent harmonious corporate identity design was created. This identity concept fully reflects Spritecs’ dynamic approach to our business, the way we build beautiful solutions from numerous tiny details and the consistency that we put at the basis of everything we do. That was love from the first sight when we saw the amazing way in which chaotic sprites grouped into perfect order and balance.

It was a bit later when Spritecs logo was selected from dozens other design concepts to be included into “Branding Element – Logos” book by SendPoints publishing company.

Branding Element – Logos

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