Spritecs corporate identity design

Corporate identity is beyond the icon that you call your logo, beyond the set of colors used in your marketing materials, it’s beyond the uniform your employees put on. Corporate identity is the way your company feels and smells, it’s the image that arouses in your customers’ minds when they hear your name, the aftertaste they have after coming in contact with you.

Traditionally under corporate identity a combination of three elements is meant: corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behaviour. Together these constituents form the persona of your company: its values and passions, principles and goals, its standards and competitive advantages, focus directions and politics. Creating this persona requires deliberate efforts of the whole company – elaborating unique services, building standards of quality, maintaining customer-centric approach, showcasing professionalism and dedication to corporate values, being flexible in the ever changing environment but remaining firm under the pressure of hard times.

However, they say, clothes count for first impressions and it is hard to argue with this statement. It is important to have your visual identity that will go in accordance with the corporate persona you develop. It is especially important for companies who conduct business through internet mainly, because visual impact is the most reliable way to attract the attention of your target audience at the initial stage of interaction. That is why today I would like to draw your attention to the visual constituent of Spritecs corporate identity. Being relatively young, we have made just a few steps on the way of building a strong brand and therefore for me personally it is very interesting to see how it develops, how our team grows and our corporate awareness forms. So, one of the first pre-marketing steps was creation of Spritecs visual identity design.

Development of corporate fonts, colour scheme, patterns and other elements, that together form Spritecs brand book, took more than half a year and the work is still in progress. When creating corporate design for a company, designers usually pursue a noble aim — to take distinctive features of the given company and, on their basis, elaborate a catchy image that will enter the mind of the target audience never to get out of it. The same happened to Spritecs: corporate design is built on the image of chaotic sprites that group into an orderly symbol, the colour scheme is inspired by the Swiss flag. This pattern finds expression in every element of visual corporate identity: business cards, promotional materials, web design and corporate documentation.

Well-elaborated corporate identity design considerably simplifies and speeds up the process of creation of collateral marketing materials, communication with the media and organization of corporate events. When these processes are fine-tuned and run smoothly it is easy to concentrate on maintaining corporate behaviour and communication patterns in accordance with the image your company is building. For us at Spritecs looking at our corporate identity elements is greatly motivating, inspiring and rewarding. It reminds us of the direction we follow: to deliver bright, orderly solutions with the help of trusted professional techniques and tools.

Spritecs logo inspired by the colours of the Swiss flag

Spritecs logo inspired by the colours of the Swiss flag

Spritecs logo: the harmony of lines and geometry

Spritecs logo: the harmony of lines and geometry

The final version of Spritecs corporate logo

Spritecs logo: greyscale

Spritecs logo: inverted colours

The final version of Spritecs corporate logo

The five colours at the basis of Spritecs corporate identity

One of the fonts used in Spritecs documents

Corporate pattern

Spritecs CEO’s business cards

Business cards: the reverse side

Spritecs business cards

Spritecs corporate identity elements

Spritecs corporate identity expanded

Spritecs letterhead pattern

Spritecs: the passion of red

Spritecs corporate events visualisation

Spritecs CD cover design

Spritecs badge design

Spritecs leaflet concept

Spritecs corporate auto design

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