Online Editor Roadmap 2018

Hello everyone! In the beginning of 2018 we want to get to you with the announcement of our great plans for this year that has just started and inspires us to think and map out what steps we are hoping to accomplish to get further with the development of our Documents Online Editor.

During the first part of 2018 we are going to integrate Documents Online Editor into medical workflow automation system that had been previously developed for Corela Clinic.


We believe it should come as a great addition to this multifunctional system, but the challenge here is that this integration should feature additional extensions due to the particular specifics of this expert center operation. The list of these extensions includes not only collaborative work and versions control tool, documents comparison and merging, but also partial content restriction depending on the access rights and expert’s or secretary’s profile. This means that some parts of document’s content will be locked when viewed by certain editor and unavailable for editing. Another great thing to introduce will be an algorithm of working with additional external data (we call it “extraData”) to enable information coming from different interfaces to be centrally updated.

That being said, our nearest future plan would stick around the following milestones:

    • Real Time Collaboration environment;
      This feature means the possibility of multi-user editing, when several users can edit the same document to avoid this frustrating process of editing document by exchanging e-mails and tracking changes that have been made.
    • Document compare and combine tool;
      This is the one that enables user to compare and merge two versions of the same document into one, noticing in what way they are different thanks to the revision marks.
    • Flexible user access for editing/viewing document parts;
      As there are many levels of access to insider information within the expert center management system, we will implement varying access rights for viewing or editing parts of document content depending of user’s individual authorization.
    • extraData embedding and management;
      Many types of useful data contented in the EMR (names, contact info, patient data, etc.) will be available to embed into the document and to be automatically updated later on when changes are made within the system.
    • Offline editing and synchronization;
      Online Editor will be made available as a standalone application for Windows and iOS with the possibility of anytime offline access to the document.
    • Save the document in DOCX format;
      This means the possibility to export the document from Online Editor and save it into .docx format as usual Word file for its further use.

We are already on our way to all these great achievements and invite you to keep your eye on our corporate blog where we share with you our latest news and updates.

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