Online Editor: reflecting on 2017 milestones

At the year 2017 is winding down, we’d like to stop for a moment to summarize the work that has been done to deliver on our plan of Documents Online Editor features implementation previewed for this year and see if we managed to keep our promised pace.

Below we present the list of tools and features that we have successfully implemented and tested and that you now can take advantage of!

  • Redo option, as you perfectly already know, enables you to bring back some change or action that you have previously undone. Naturally, this button appears only after this “undo” action. As an option, you can use your habitual button combinations like CTRL+Y.
  • Working with tables. Rows and Columns. This part gives you all the necessary variety of editing actions you can take while working with your tables. This includes adding/deleting a cell, a row or a column in a desired place (left, right, under or over the selected element), as well as merging and splitting the existing ones.
  • Styles gallery. Choose from a variety of predefined styles to apply a set of formatting choices to your document. You can choose them from the built-in EO styles gallery - a visual menu located on the Home tab.
  • Working with custom styles. Should you not be contented with the predefined styles available in EO, you can easily modify each of them and customize it to answer your personal needs (e.g. font size, color, text alignment, etc. of text headings, lists and paragraphs). A totally new style can also be created by choosing an example of existing text format from your existing document.
  • Numbering improvements. Our traditional numbered bullets have received an additional menu available by right-click of your mouse, where you can find some useful features to ease your work with these bullets, such as: restart counting at 1, continue numbering, set numbering value, increase/decrease indent.
  • Review. Track changes. This part is actually related to changes tracking and acceptance during your work with the document. Tools implemented lately empower you to review, accept, reject, and hide all tracked changes in your document, so that every deletion, insertion, format change comment made throughout the text are tracked and reviewed later, when you can either apply or cancel them. Other document viewers are also able to see all changes in this document, even the hidden ones, until you accept or reject them.
  • Inserted objects improvements. Once the object (image, table, etc.) have been inserted in your text document, you can now modify its positioning and parameters, such as borders and shading, position in text, etc.
  • Document scaling. Complete document scaling is now available with all necessary scrollbars and markups.

Currently preparing Online Editor integration for one of our clients, we are looking to make a demo-access to show you our editor in action. What is more, an Online Editor video is on his way shortly to give you a better view of the product we develop.

Meanwhile, being truly enthusiastic about these accomplishments, we are already looking forward to touch new heights with Online Editor new great features in upcoming 2018!

Marketing Analyst
Being a marketing analyst at Spritecs for 3 years now, Nadia is keeping tabs on company’s updates as well as emerging IT trends and picks what’s worth the whistle.

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