Meet our new online word processor – EditOnline!

Being well familiar with the workflow environment of files processing from our development history, we’ve been thinking for a while about making a product that would fill in the existing gaps that users experience while working with today’s major word editing tools - Microsoft Word or Google Docs - and ease this important part of user’s everyday document processing routine.

After having studied far and wide the insufficiencies of each of the counterparts, we have outlined the primary concept of our new creation - EditOnline – an online (and cross-browser!) text processor that enables you to edit your text with as many cute tools as you are used to in Microsoft Word, and to do it in real-time collaboration with all the involved parties, all that without interfering with each other.

Why EditOnline will be great for you and boost your work?

Here are the couple of highlights to introduce you to the idea of how exactly EditOnline can be useful for you and what options it will provide:

  • Simultaneous editing of the same document together with your colleagues (collaborative editing);
  • Rich variety of text formatting tools that you are well used to from your Microsoft Word experience (fonts, tables, forms, graphics, etc.);
  • Possibility to add notes and leave comments on corrections made;
  • On-stream changes synchronization;
  • Compatibility with all major word processing formats.

These are main features listed which will bring uncontestable benefits to your file processing routine, naturally saving time and resources of your teamwork even if located around the globe, and releasing you from legion of e-mails with bulky attachments.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress, further releases and new useful features added.

Marketing Analyst
Being a marketing analyst at Spritecs for 3 years now, Nadia is keeping tabs on company’s updates as well as emerging IT trends and picks what’s worth the whistle.

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