Meet Online Editor hot and refreshed design and a bunch of updates!

Today we are excited to announce Online Editor next major release, pursuing our commitment to the future of documents editing. Lately we’ve been working hard not only on development of new features and refinement of the existing ones, but also on the improvement of EO usability and design to fully meet the highest standards of document processing that our customers are used to.

We also continue to make improvements to the core features, bringing them to perfection and delivering greater stability.

At this stage, one of our main concerns was the enhancement of our editor’s productivity. To take it to the max, we have adopted today’s most advanced approaches and techniques. Switching over the usage of DocumentFragment and Range interfaces, we managed to increase EO’s performance tenfold, which is especially critical when working with large volume files.

Speaking about new features, we would make a point of those related to changes tracking and acceptance while working on the document. Thanks to the tools that we have implemented lately, now you can review, accept, reject, and hide all tracked changes in your document. That means that every deletion, insertion, change of format or comment made throughout the text is being tracked and can be reviewed later on, when you can either apply or cancel them. A Reviewing Pane has been added to show you all the changes made in this document, with the total number of changes including the count by change type. Other document viewers are also able to see all changes in this document, even the hidden ones, until you accept or reject them.

Another big part of new features deals with new styles creation, formatting and application throughout your document.

You can choose now from a variety of predefined styles to quickly apply a set of formatting choices to your document. Should you not be contented with the built-in EO styles, each of them is easily modifiable and customizable to better serve your personal needs (e.g. font size, color, text alignment, etc. of text headings, lists and paragraphs). You can also create a totally new style by choosing an example of existing text format from your own document.

In addition to those innovations, we have added several upgrades to earlier implemented features, such as numbered and bulleted lists, text navigation, and work with tables and have also extended paragraph settings.

In December, you will see big improvements to many features and then we’ll provide demo access to our editor. Please keep an eye on your inbox and social media for this update.

Marketing Analyst
Being a marketing analyst at Spritecs for 3 years now, Nadia is keeping tabs on company’s updates as well as emerging IT trends and picks what’s worth the whistle.

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