IT solutions for healthcare – what we know about and what we do for medical industry.

As you probably already know, one of the predominant domains of our projects is the one of healthcare and medical services. Since our first start in it years ago, we now can say we are well familiar with the peculiarities of this high-demanding and fast-changing field.

What is most characteristic to it when it comes to healthcare IT solutions? First of all, this is the utmost accuracy of all data processing, storage and retrieval as we speak here about nothing less than people’s health and well-being, and – yes, sometimes - lives. And it is all very serious. We believe that for any IT provider working with healthcare projects is a big honor and even bigger responsibility since no errors are permitted and your software should perform at the highest standards, more than in any other industry.

But at the same time, IT solutions for healthcare are definitely not only those directly related to treatment or lifesaving surgeries. Many supportive functions are needed to be covered, such as, for example, patient record keeping with thorough description of his illness and treatment prescribed. With doctor’s hourly rates so high, transcription services are a good helping hand enabling them to save their precious time and orally dictate their paperwork instead of writing it on paper, with those audio files being transcribed later on into appropriate text files. One of our projects for healthcare is doing exactly this: providing doctors and medical professionals with handy system of prompt file transcription services. This project was created for one of major providers of medical secretarial services in Switzerland and features integrated documents, tasks and clients management system, VoIP Dictation tool, reports and analytics, as well as voice recording application for mobile phones, PC and tablets.

Another big today’s demand, talking about healthcare institutions like hospitals and medical centers, is related to the digitization of their workflow, including the entire patients’ data storage, appointments management, doctors’ workload and billing functionalities, to name the major ones. We can see more and more public health facilities now providing themselves with EMR (electronic medical record) systems. This type of software is getting even more topical for hospitals in regard of the near-term perspective of the electronic patient’s profile being mandatory in Switzerland starting from 2020. This being said, healthcare sector members understand the necessity of arming themselves with a solution that will enable them to comply with this innovation. From this perspective, Spritecs has something to offer: our automation platform, which has been created specifically for medical sector and having in mind specific needs of healthcare providers. Our platform serves as a powerful engine to improve all business processes enterprise-wide through impactful document and workflow automation, while offering full-featured modules, thoughtful system architecture and high customization level.

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Being a marketing analyst at Spritecs for 3 years now, Nadia is keeping tabs on company’s updates as well as emerging IT trends and picks what’s worth the whistle.

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