Two days of innovation – Health 2.0 goes Berlin

Last week we were lucky enough to be among the eHealth addicts who attended Health 2.0 conference in Berlin on October 27-28. These two days were full of captivating panel discussions and demos of most advanced online solutions aimed to establish effective communication between patients and doctors. The opening video provided essential facts about the current state of eHealth and telemedicine in Europe and set the pitch for the following debates.

In general Health 2.0 in Berlin was full of energy and bright ideas. There was everything: tricky questions, heated discussions, exciting demos and charismatic speakers. I find the conference very inspiring and I believe other members would agree with me. It was more than interesting to see apps and programs created by professionals from different countries and to hear them speak about their success and the problems they faced during implementation and launch of the solutions.

Health 2.0 conference

Can’t but admit that I was greatly impressed by demos presented by Marco Vitula and Michael Bainbridge in terms of both their informative value and speaker’s ability to maintain audience’s attention. I’m sure there’s much more to Clinithink system and its potential in clinical data indexation and structuring than the short demonstration could offer.

For me it was also very interesting to hear Roman Rittweger and Natalia Pletneva talking about reliability of online health-related information, Health 2.0 innovations and emerging players on European eHealth market. Roy Schoenberg with his Online Care platform made the second day of the conference for me with a brilliant demonstration of the clockwork system.

Spritecs would like to express our gratitude to the hosts of the conference namely Matthew Holt, Indu Subaiya and Pascal Lardier. These people managed to organise this significant event, gather people who turn the wheel of   European eHealth under one roof and maintained the whole thing lively and fascinating. Looking forward to the upcoming events!

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