Documents Online Editor 2016 recap: excited with great beginning

It was only some 11 months ago that the whole story of Documents Online Editor has started, and today we’d like to share with you, not without some small grain of pride, the results of our meticulous work on this new project. Having started with great plans in mind, now we can say that we successfully met almost all of our targets for 2016.

Taking up this project, we aimed at creating handy, easy-to-use cross-browser document editor. With priority put on the application’s performance, we focused on the emerging technologies in the development, to enable Online Editor to easily handle any size documents including really large ones, in any popular browser. Our particular concern was medical records and doctor’s reports as they tend to be very large and multi-content documents, which often include not only text, but also various graphics, tables and charts.

Now’s the time to get you to know what modules and features are already developed and successfully tested in Online Editor current version.

Pages and page layout

Here our users have all good and well-familiar MS Word features. This means, you can change your document’s layout or page formatting just by using section breaks (margins, borders, page orientation and print layout, headers and footers), dividing one column page into 2-columns one, break your document into several chapters with own page numbering for each one, etc.

  • Show top and bottom margins
  • Set page margins
  • Change the line and letter spacing
  • Adjust indents and spacing
  • Create a first line indent


Find your way through long documents with the Document Navigation pane and Search.

In Online Editor, you can easily find your way through large documents, as well as reorganize them by dragging and dropping headings instead of copy-pasting them. Our incremental search enables you to find content even if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

  • Jump between document’s headings by clicking on the parts of the document map.
  • Type text into the search box to find your place instantly.
  • Drag and drop headings to rearrange document structure. You can also delete, cut, or copy headings and their content.
  • Track the content edited by others by browsing headings with co-authoring indicator.
  • Move through your document by clicking on all pages thumbnails in your document.

Text and paragraph formatting

For the accuracy of your texts, we have implemented Check Spelling and AutoCorrect features in a different languages.

You can use various paragraph settings for your document, such as:

  • Widow / Orphan control
  • Page break before

Numbered and bulleted lists

Create numbered and bulleted lists with various styles of bullets and numbers. Restart numbering feature is also enabled.

Operations with objects

Working with objects forms a great part of almost any document editing. With EditOnline you now can:

  • Insert, move and resize pictures;
  • Add, change, delete borders from tables, pictures, textboxes and text;
  • Insert tables, split/merge cells, add/remove rows and columns, change table properties.

Summing up the results of this first year with Documents Online Editor, we feel truly optimistic about its future development and improvement. There are a lot of features to add and improve about this project and we will go extra mile next year to put them all in place. Planned for the 2017 are the Online Editor first release and commercial use.

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