Book cover design – an out-of-order project for software development company

Non-typical project – a test of creativity

What would you do when your friends need help? I bet you would do your best to help them. We usually do like this. That is why when Jacques Villegas, our friend from Librairie L'Eau Vive, asked us to help him with the design of a book cover we started working at the project, though it had little to do with either healthcare or software, or healthcare software in particular. However it is always interesting and even beneficial to switch from routine work and indulge into a new project. Such breath of fresh air allows to look at your daily work from a new prospective, add a touch of novelty to commonplace operations.

Jacques’ confidence in professionalism and creativity of our team of designers did honour to us and we were trying hard to meet his needs and expectations.  We entrusted the project to Nicolas Lokhmatov, one of our best designers of printing materials and he coped with the project like nobody’s business.

Book cover design

The book ‘Le réveil du Lion’ by Gordon Dalbey is dedicated to what true faith gives to men – confidence and power. Jacque wanted the cover to reflect the strength and passion that is hidden deep inside every man with faith in his heart. The image of a roaring lion meets this demand as nothing else. At the same time the cover was supposed to keep abreast with the traditions and moral principles. That is why we have chosen traditional, restrained layout and balanced colour scheme for the cover.  Trajan typeface was agreed to be the embodiment of masculinity and traditionalism. The result of our work can now be found on the shelves of Swiss and French book stores.

It was great pleasure for us to work at this book cover and we are happy Jacques and his team enjoyed the result as well. The book copy that Jacques kindly sent us will find its place on our corporate bookshelf together with other materials that we are proud of.


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