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Every one of us has a social network – family, friends, colleagues, etc. and it has been like this since ancient times. We are connected to these people by different aspects: family relations, business, interests, common problems – and we communicate with them at different levels, with different frequency and purpose.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 21 Nov 2012

There will be no mistake if we suppose that in order to grow and develop a social network needs communities in its structure, because without interest subgroups a social network will gradually turn into a functionally-rich but passive contact list.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 30 Oct 2012

People are highly social creatures. We tend to have our own opinion concerning every little thing around and quite often we are anxious to share this opinion with someone.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 12 Sep 2012

Aristotle once said “Man is by nature a social animal.” And this is so true to life, even now almost 2,5 thousand years later. We all are born being part of some groups – we have family, nationality, gender, race, city of residence, etc. Throughout our lifetime we constantly join and leave groups.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 06 Aug 2012

From my own experience I am strongly convinced that really outstanding results in your work are possible only if you enjoy what you do and the work brings satisfaction and offers new challenges.

Author: Dmitry Krasinsky | 27 Jul 2012

Several years ago when my best friend was getting married I had a chance to experience the full extent of community marketing and the influence it produces on emotionally engaged audience.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 17 Jun 2012

What would you do when your friends need help? I bet you would do your best to help them. We usually do like this. That is why when Jacques Villegas, our friend from Librairie L'Eau Vive, asked us to help him with the design of a book cover we started working at the project, though it had little to do with either healthcare or software, or healthcare software in particular.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 16 Jan 2012

It goes without saying that a beautiful logo is no guarantee of success for a company yet. It is not the logo that makes your brand great. It is the quality of your product, the way your people feel about their job, the experience your customers get from communication with you and the reflection your values find in everything you do. Brand is everything, and everything is brand.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 01 Dec 2011

Last week we were lucky enough to be among the eHealth addicts who attended Health 2.0 conference in Berlin on October 27-28.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 07 Nov 2011

Corporate identity is beyond the icon that you call your logo, beyond the set of colors used in your marketing materials, it’s beyond the uniform your employees put on. Corporate identity is the way your company feels and smells, it’s the image that arouses in your customers’ minds when they hear your name, the aftertaste they have after coming in contact with you.

Author: Catherine Shpileuskaya | 17 Oct 2011