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  • Calendar
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  • Secure Data Exchange
  • Data Protection

Being familiar with healthcare for quite a long time, we know firsthand about both the complexity and criticality of this domain. Medical centers and healthcare institutions face the permanent necessity to process enormous amounts of versatile data: audio and video files, paper documents, web and graphic content. Doing this efficiently implicates numerous operations: data collection and categorization, file management and exchange, analysis of vast quantities of heterogeneous information, communication with other parties, billing and storage.

To help healthcare organizations to efficiently and faultlessly perform those complex but repeated procedures, we have created a workflow engine serving as a basis for multiple custom management solutions. As we believe there are no two businesses alike, even in healthcare, our workflow automation system architecture as a whole and each module in particular allow easy system improvement, scale-up and adoption of new features.

The efficiency of our healthcare solutions has been proved by many years of practical use by Swiss medical centers and clinics.

Spritecs’ workflow engine for transcription service has shown advanced efficiency in company documentation and clients' files management and storage, while featuring handy communication channels between a healthcare specialist and his secretary or transcriptionist.

Traditional options of file creation, preview, edition, share and conversion were enriched by adding special features related to speech records, enabling their creation and management: a special VoIP Dictation tool as well as voice recording application for mobile phones, PC and tablets.

Using our tool, it really takes no effort to upload audio files to be transcribed, using one of 3 ways by your preference: send by e-mail, upload to FTP server or web portal. Files’ current status and transcription progress can be viewed from client’s area, as well tariffs applicable and invoices billed. Our system features an API for seamless integration with user’s in-house or 3d party CRM or EMR system for their efficient interoperability. Should you care about the sensitivity of data being processed, we have implemented the enhanced multilevel security measures, featuring HTTPS protocol, SSL connection, secure FTP server, data encryption and access control.

Véronique RANIRI
Manager, AsterOffice SA
“We are very much pleased with the way Spritecs solutions empowered AsterOffice operations. The complex system masterly developed by Spritecs professional team now forms the heart of our business. Once pretty static, today AsterOffice website is our main marketing tool generating leads and attracting new clients to our company. Rich functionality enabled us not only to reduce our costs and delivery time, increase profits and efficiency; we also managed to achieve 43% growth of service quality (according to the research conducted by an independent consulting agency). Adoption of the new system also influenced the level of job satisfaction among AsterOffice team – the attrition rate lowered to 7% only.”

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